Judge Pilmer, John Ellis and Kristi Browne in court on 09 13 2019

The attorney for Dennis Hastert, John Ellis (left), and the attorney for James Doe,  Kristi Browne (right), listen as Judge Robert Pilmer (center) renders a decision on Browne's motion. (WSPYNews.com photo by James Wyman)

Judge Robert Pilmer denied a motion Friday to amend a protective order filed by James Doe's attorney Kristi Browne in Doe's $1.8 million lawsuit against former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Dennis Hastert.

Browne claims that Hastert admitted sexually assaulting five Yorkville H.S. wrestlers at his sentencing hearing for Currency Structuring on April 27, 2016.

However, in his September 25, 2018 deposition in the current lawsuit, which was inadvertently made public by the Kendall County Clerk's office, Hastert said that Doe "told me he had a groin pull and asked me to work on it, and I did."

Here's Browne in Kendall Co. Court on Friday afternoon.

Browne's client Doe was promised $3.5 million in hush money by Hastert, who paid Doe $1.7 million.  Doe claims the former Speaker violated a verbal contract when he did not complete the payments.

Hastert also said in his deposition that his lawyers in the Currency Structuring sentencing hearing wrote his statement, and he just read the statement to the court.

Browne believes Hastert perjured himself with his two statements, and she wants to see the former Speaker's Grand Jury testimony and other sealed documents in the federal case.

Browne hopes to convince Judge Thomas Durkin, the prosecution in the federal case and the probation department supervising Hastert's probation that Hastert has perjured himself.

Hastert's probation was scheduled to expire in August of this year.

Browne said that she doesn't know if even Hastert testified to the Grand Jury before the Currency Structuring sentencing hearing.

Hastert's attorney John Ellis told Judge Pilmer that Browne already has enough evidence and doesn't need to access the sealed records from the Currency Structuring case.

Judge Pilmer ruled against Kristi Browne's motion.

Browne plans to purse the perjury investigation in Chicago without the depositions in the James Doe lawsuit.

The Hastert vs. Doe lawsuit will be back in court for a status hearing on October 2.

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