Trailer at Hide-a-Way Lakes Campground

A trailer at Hide-a-Way Lakes Campground at 8045 Van Emmon Rd. in Yorkville. (WSPY photo by Jim Wyman)

The Kendall County Board's Planning Building and Zoning (PBZ) Committee has asked Code Official Brian Holdiman to inspect the Hide-Away-Lakes Campground at 8045 Van Emmon Rd. in Yorkville.

According to PBZ Committee Chair Matthew Prochaska, the committee discussed Hide-Away-Lakes because of a recent hit-and-run death there and because of a non-fatal accident involving a car and a train at the campground's entrance.

Prochaska spoke about what's next for Hide-Away-Lakes Campground.

Kendall County Sheriff Dwight Baird spoke about his concerns with Hide-Away-Lakes.

The county board examined Hide-Away-Lakes Campground two years ago, but took no action against owner Thomas Tanner.

Prochaska spoke Tuesday about PBZ Committee's concern.

Prochaska added that another concern at the campground is the landscaping and whether it is up to code.

Prochaska said that even though the county cannot revoke Hide-Away-Lakes Special Use Permit, there is another path to enforcement.

Hide-Away-Lakes Special Use Permit was granted on November 9, 1971.

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