A class action lawsuit filed in Cook County earlier this week is demanding that utility giant ComEd pay up for alleged overcharging customers during a bribery scheme involving Illinois' House Speaker Mike Madigan.

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of three businesses and three individuals, alleges that ComEd illegally enriched itself at its customer's expense. It says that while ComEd is paying $200-million in fines to the government it isn't doing anything to repay customers.

The company recently admitted to taking part in a bribery scheme where it exchanged favors for influence in the Illinois House through Speaker Madigan. The lawsuit says the Energy Infrastructure and Modernization Act, passed in 2011, is one such example because it allowed ComEd to increase its financial stability and allowed it to charge higher rates.

The lawsuit is meant to include all ComEd customers even if they didn't know there were allegedly being over charged.