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Bagged yard waste and free brush collection begins Monday, April 1, in the Village of Oswego and continues throughout the growing season.

Brush collection zones

Village of Oswego Public Works crews collect brush once a month in each zone throughout the growing season. There are two separate residential brush collection zones:

  • Zone A includes all properties east of the Fox River and north of Route 34 as well as those properties west of the Fox River and north of Mill Road. Crews will collect brush in Zone A during weeks beginning April 1, May 6, June 3, July 1, August 5, September 3 and October 7.
  • Zone B includes all properties east of the Fox River and south of Route 34 as well as those properties west of the Fox River and south of Mill Road. Crews will collect brush in Zone B during weeks beginning April 8, May 13, June 10, July 8, August 12, September 9, and October 14.

Still unsure of your zone? A list of the neighborhoods located in each zone can be found on the Brush, Leaves and Yard Waste page at http://www.oswegoil.org/government/departments/public-works/brush-leaves-yard-waste.aspx.

Brush collection restrictions

Brush is defined as tree and bush branches less than 5 inches in diameter.  The brush collection program is not intended to handle branches, logs, or tree stumps as a result of large-scale tree trimming or removal. Crews will not pick up logs, wood, root balls, cuttings, leaves, or grass clippings.  Crews will place an orange tag on your door indicating the reason they did not pick up the brush if it is the wrong material or stacked improperly.

How to place brush for collection

Place brush at the curb by 7 a.m. on Monday morning of the designated week but no earlier than noon the Friday before. The Public Works trucks will pass through an area once and will not return for brush placed after the deadline. Place unbundled brush parallel or perpendicular to the street in neat stacks with all cut ends facing the same direction.  Do not put brush in a container or in the street.

The Village does not accept landscaping waste, tree branches, or tree removals resulting from contracted work. Crews will not remove brush from commercial, industrial or other non-residential properties.

Bagged yard waste collection

Groot Industries, the Village of Oswego’s contracted waste hauler, will begin bagged yard waste collection beginning Monday, April 1, and continuing weekly through Friday, Nov. 29.

Yard waste is defined as grass or shrubbery cuttings, leaves, small tree limbs and other materials accumulated as the result of the care of lawns, shrubbery, vines and trees.

Yard waste material will be collected only if it is placed in a 30-gallon Kraft paper bag with a Groot Industries yard waste sticker affixed to the front of the bag.  Yard waste stickers do not expire, regardless of any dates which may appear.  Yard waste stickers purchased in 2019 will cost $2.00 each.  Kraft bags and stickers are available at local retail grocery and hardware stores. Set your yard waste at the curb by 6 a.m. on your regularly scheduled garbage day.

Compost with a yard waste cart

Do you generate a lot of yard waste and food scraps? Want to do the best for the environment?

Consider a Yard Waste Subscription cart from Groot. You’ll get a 95-gal. cart to dispose of compostable food scraps and yard waste. Just put it at the curb on your regular garbage day and never purchase a sticker again. A fee applies for this optional service. Contact Groot to sign up at 877-775-1200.

For questions about brush or yard waste collection, contact Public Works at 630-554-3242.