Plano 88 Comprehensive Project

(Left to right) Mrs. Kathy Tyler, who is retiring after 39 outstanding years with the Plano 88 School District, Robert Lucky, Ernesto Rosales, Eli Gonzalez, Jason Jimenez, Ofc. Robert Patton (Plano Police Department), and not pictured Isaac Romero. (Photo provided)

In a cooperative effort between an independent computer class taught by Mrs. Tyler at Plano High School, students in this program, and the Plano Police Department School Resource Officer, a comprehensive project was just completed that benefits many entities.

The intent of this project was to construct a virtual tour in multiple Plano school buildings to provide police officers in-depth visual access so that strategic planning can take place in the event of a crisis.

The students in this class, with the guidance of Mrs. Tyler, put in countless hours to ensure this project was thorough and well put together. The hard work of these students should not go unnoticed and the Plano Police Department is extremely grateful for the final outcome.

All in all, it is always our intent to work in conjunction with Plano District 88 and this is one more example of a successful partnership.