(Pictured left to right) Oswego 308 Board of Education Members Matt Bauman and Brent Lightfoot.

The chance to return to school for Oswego 308 junior and senior high school students has been pushed to 2021 after the school board there voted 4-3 Tuesday night to approve a new district plan. 


Two weeks ago, some board members sought to have those students return in November. Starting January 11th now, Oswego grade 6-12 students will return to school. Since March, all 308 students have been using remote learning. 


Oswego 308 board members Ruth Kroner, Heather Moyer, Brent Lightfoot, and Lauri Doyle voted for the later return while Mike Bauman,Toni Morgan, and Alison Swanson voted against the delayed reopening plan. 


Oswego 308 board member Mike Bauman delivered his viewpoint prior to the vote.


But fellow board member Brent Lightfoot, who usually votes against increasing costs, went against Baumann’s persuasion. Lighftoot’s key vote prevented the new district plan from failing.  This is Lighftoot before the vote. 


As Oswego School District Associate Superintendent for Educational Services, Faith Dahlquist spoke why an earlier date was not feasible. 


Parents seeking a remote learning option will have from Thursday to October 21st to register their child to extend that choice. 


The 308 reopening plan meets the Illinois Department of Public Health and Illinois State Board of Education safety and educational time guidelines, according to 308 officials. 


On Monday, special education self-contained classrooms and other special classifications of students will return back to elementary school.  The full elementary school EC-5 schedule will shift to a hybrid model of in-classroom or remote learning on November 9th. 


As during past months, parents and teaching staff are urged to check the 308 District website for daily updates and videos. 


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