Nancy Nelson

Hinckley Village President Nancy Nelson. ( photo by Mark Harrington)

With street names like Maple, Sycamore, Walnut, and Oak, the village of Hinckley faced a dilemma at its meeting Monday.


Entering its fifth meeting on the topic since July, Hinckley Village Board trustees finally agreed how residents will be able to dispose of autumn’s leaves. 


Hinckley Village President Nancy Nelson said burning will not be allowed, banned because of residents with breathing complications. 


But any new change will wait until fall 2021 because there is no time left and too many unanswered questions, said the board. This is Village President Nelson.

Hinckley Trustee Daniel Roop proposed this plan that was approved. 


That plan cost the village of Hinckley $3,600 for eight dumpster loads last year. 


Continuing this year, Lakeshore Recycling, the village’s garbage hauler, will pick up leaf bags. Already a $58 fee three times per year is charged for garbage removal, including leaf pickup, trustees may inquire if the Lakeshore leaf pickup program can be extended to additional weeks.


At a previous meeting, Hinckley trustee Michael Constant voiced concerns about the leaf bag program, calling it labor intensive, he did not voice opposition to that method Monday night. 


While one resident proposed a community compost pile, trustee Louis Manivong said possible Illinois Environmental Protection agency violations could occur because of a nearby stream. 


Previously there was the discussion to buy a new public works truck, estimated at $92,000 but that would require a better engine filtration system against dry leaf dust from vacuuming. The existing leaf vacuum hose also is broken.  However, Nelson said  delivery of that truck would be in 2021. 


In other Hinckley meeting notes, the wastewater treatment plant has been nominated for the second straight year for best operated facility through the Illinois Pollution Control Operators Association, competing against Channahon, Chillicothe, Eureka, Norris City, and Tuscola. 


While two vacancies exist for current unfilled terms of Hinckley trustees, there are three four-year and two two-year trustee positions up for election.  Only Louis Manivog is the returning incumbent. The Hinckley Village President office also is up for election.