Yorkville aldermen will convene on Tuesday night for their regular meeting.

The Yorkville City Council will hear from the Aurora Area Convention & Visitors Bureau who will provide a review of the city's 2019 marketing and will introduce a plan for 2020.

Yorkville aldermen will also vote on the implementation of a new automated system to assist in processing overweight truck permit requests with proposed fees for oversized and overweight limits.

Staff is proposing to enter into a services agreement with  Oxcart Permit Systems LLC  and to implement the permitting fee schedule.

Several liquor license amendments are also up for discussion.

Some of the proposed changes create and cap the quantity of licenses for gas stations and gaming cafes, eliminates a variety of currently unused license classifications, caps the quantity of A-1 and A-2 liquor licenses at a "current number of license holders plus 1," and also removes geographic restrictions for A-1 and A-2 liquor licenses. Caps and geographic restrictions on package licenses would also be removed under the proposal.

Officials write that changes in regards to gaming cafes and gas stations are up for approval while staff is requesting feedback on other changes before sending concepts to committee.

Finally, several amendments to the city's comprehensive plan are on the agenda. As WSPY previously reported, the city is being asked by Kendall County to consider designation changes for future land use along Eldamain Rd., following the announcement in 2019 by the Illinois Department of Transportation that $45 million in funds for the construction of the Eldamain Road bridge over the Fox River was allocated in their multiyear plan.

Those parcels would change from “Estate/Conservation Residential” to “General Industrial” or another compatible future land use designation to fit in with the county's land resource management plan.

The Ashley Road and Route 126 intersection is planned to have an extension that leads Ashley Road to Minkler Road.

Due to the potential development within the area and the planned improvement to the intersection within the next two years, it has been added to a map addendum to highlight its importance.

The Yorkville City Council meets at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday night at Yorkville City Hall on Game Farm Rd.