Collage:  Hastert, Pilmer Browne and Ellis

Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Dennis Hastert (right photo) is being sued by a former Yorkville High School wrestler, known as James Doe in court documents.  Judge Robert Pilmer (top left photo) ruled on Friday that Hastert's bank records should be given to Doe's lawyer, Kristi Browne (left in bottom left photo).  John Ellis (right in bottom left photo) is defending Hastert.  (Hastert photo from Yorkville H.S. yearbook; left photos for by Jim Wyman)

The attorney for James Doe wants former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Dennis Hastert's bank records, and Hastert's lawyer has resisted giving them up.

That issue was part of a hearing on both lawsuits against Hastert in front of Judge Robert Pilmer in Kendall County Court on Friday morning.

Kristi Browne is defending James Doe, who wrestled for Hastert when the former Speaker coached and taught at Yorkville High School between 1965 and 1981.

Doe is suing Hastert for the $1.8 million that Hastert promised to pay Doe to remain silent about sexual assault Doe suffered at the hands of Hastert when Doe was a 14 year-old  incoming freshman at Yorkville High School.

Hastert paid Doe $1.7 million in hush money.  Hastert is suing James Doe for the money already paid, the former Speaker claiming Doe violated the confidentiality agreement the two had between them.

In court on Friday, attorney Kristi Browne told Judge Pilmer that Hastert's attorney, John Ellis, will not release Hastert's bank or cell phone records as part of requested discovery evidence.

Browne explained why she needs those bank records.

Hastert withdrew the $1.7 million from Castle Bank, Old Second Bank, Chase and People's State Bank.  Hastert's conviction was for Currency Structuring because the large withdrawals violated federal law.

Hastert's attorney John Ellis argued in court Friday that Hastert admits the withdrawals so the bank records are immaterial.

Judge Pilmer then made his ruling.

Following Friday's hearing, Browne reacted to the ruling.

Following Friday's hearing, Browne continued to insist that she wants to protect the identity of James Doe when and if the trial begins.

In the Richard Doe case, Judge Pilmer told the attorneys that he would rule in two weeks on Browne's motion to reinstate the lawsuit that the judge dismissed on November 20th due to the passage of time.

Richard Doe accused Hastert of sexually assaulting Doe at the old Game Farm property when Doe was nine or ten years old in 1973 or 74.

Browne argued that Doe was a child and was intimidated by then Kendall County State's Attorney Dallas Ingemunson.

Ingemunson told WSPY he never spoke with Richard Doe.

Judge Pilmer continued the James Doe suit until May 4.