Sheridan Correctional Center

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Five additional inmates and one additional staff member have tested positive for COVID-19 at the Sheridan Correctional Center in LaSalle County.

That is since the last WSPY report from May 7th when Illinois Department of Corrections records showed that all inmates and all but one staff member had recovered from coronavirus.

Among inmates, the recovery amount remains the same at 12. However, the total amount of inmate cases increased from 12 to 17.

Five of seven staff have recovered.

It's unclear if any of the cases have been deaths, though, the LaSalle County Health Department has not reported any deaths from the facility.

Our sister station WCSJ reports that one person has died of COVID-19 at the Pontiac Correctional Center in Pontiac. That information was provided by IDOC and the Livingston County Health Department, who said the individual was a male in his 70’s who had been hospitalized.

Local officials did not release if the person was a staff member or inmate at the prison.

Sheridan still has the second largest amount of confirmed coronavirus cases in the state for an IDOC facility, behind Stateville Correctional and Stateville NRC.

Other state facilities in the WSPY listening area to report cases include the Fox Valley Adult Transition Center in Aurora, where seven staff and four incarcerated individuals have confirmed cases. Six staff members have recovered and three of the inmates have recovered.

In the state, recoveries have continued to increase. Currently, 306 of the 379 total cases at IDOC facilities have recovered from COVID-19.

While not IDOC facilities, locally, sheriffs in Kendall and DeKalb County have reported there have been no positive coronavirus cases within jails or among staff.