Yorkville Lizard

A three to four foot monitor lizard was found in Yorkville on Wednesday morning. (Photo provided)

A quick kicker from the WSPY Newsroom...

The search for an alligator in a Chicago lagoon continued on Wednesday. 

The elusive alligator seen in Chicago's Humboldt Park made national news this week and the man tasked with its capture was first made famous during the capture of an elusive monitor lizard in Yorkville in 2017. 

For those who need a refresher, WSPY reported from the scene at Cannonball Trl. and Fairhaven Dr. in August of 2017 where the man, only identified as "Bob" from the Chicago Herpetological Society, spoke about how he attempted to capture that lizard that hid in a drainage culvert. 

Officials set a trap on one end of the culvert and closed off the other end with wire trapping and once all the excitement calmed down, the lizard emerged and was caught by the live trap with no injury to the lizard.

According to ABC-7 in Chicago, Bob is attempting to lure the alligator out of the Humboldt Park Lagoon using fish, chicken or some kind of bait to get the alligator into a humane cage.

Officials estimate the gator is four to five feet.