Bill Newkirk of Newkirk and Assoc. of Plano, the City of Sandwich's Auditor

Bill Newkirk of Newkirk and Associates of Plano presented the report on the 2018-2019 City of Sandwich Audit at Monday's city council meeting. ( photo by James Wyman)

Bill Newkirk of Newkirk and Associates of Plano told the Sandwich City Council at Monday's meeting that with a limited number of staff in the city office, a proper segregation of duties among employees is difficult to accomplish.

In the 2018-2019 audit, Newkirk also cited the custody of assets, in particular cash; authorization of related transactions affecting those assets; recording or reporting of related transactions; and the execution of the transactions or transaction activity as material weaknesses in the city's financial operations.

Newkirk added that the city needs its accountant to better prepare the financial statements.

Alderman Fred Kreinbrink asked Newkirk if things have gotten better in the city's office since the audit was performed.

The city is paying Lauterbach and Amen $50,400 per year for part-time accounting services.

Lauterbach and Amen were delayed in finishing the financial statements for the city, which resulted in the audit being delayed.

The audit was due on Oct. 26, and the State of Illinois granted an extension until Dec.26.  Newkirk said the audit will be filed on Tuesday.

Alderman Les Redden, who was absent from Monday's meeting, has been calling for the hiring of a city manager who would oversee the day-to-day operations of the City of Sandwich.

In other business, alderwoman Cara Killey announced the Sandwich City Council's Finance Committee will hold a meeting this coming Sat. at 8:00 a.m. for a preliminary discussion of the proposed 2020-2021 budget.  That meeting will be held in the City Hall Annex.

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