Charles Lantz

Charles Lantz booking photo (Kendall County Jail photo)

An Aurora man, who was wanted in Kendall County for allegedly taking off during a traffic stop last year, was arrested last week on two felony charges.

Aurora Police officials say 38 year-old Charles Lantz of Bloomfield Ln. was arrested as a part of citywide felony roundup detail in Aurora. Kendall County booking records also show a listed address at N. State St.

According to officials, on August 7th, 2019, police spotted a vehicle and attempted to pull over the driver for a traffic violation. Though an address was not listed, the stop was in the Kendall County portion of Aurora.

Officials say when officers activated their squad’s cars emergency lights and siren, Lantz rapidly accelerated the vehicle and took off from officers.

For safety, officers stopped the pursuit.

On January 22nd, a felony arrest warrant was issued by a Kendall County judge to take Lantz into custody for two felony counts of Aggravated Fleeing and Eluding.

Lantz was arrested on Thursday. He was transported to the Kendall County Jail. Last week's arrest was not the first time Lantz was arrested for allegedly taking off from police.

As WSPY reported in 2018, Lantz was ejected from an ATV when he and another person fled from Montgomery Police in the area of Webster St. and Main St.

Lantz and another ATV operator allegedly committed numerous traffic violations and split off from each other on southbound Route 31. Lantz was ejected, treated and issued several charges and citations in that case.

In the recent arrest, Lantz posted 10 percent of a $5,000 bond to be released with an upcoming court date.

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