Masonic Temple Fire

(Aurora Fire Department photo)


Officials with the city of Aurora say demolition has begun on the historic but abandoned Masonic Temple that burned in a fire earlier this week. 

Fire officials in Aurora had said that there are no health or safety concerns threatening the public as there was the threat of a collapse within the zoned area. 

City officials said on Friday that the demolition process of the structure has begun and that road closures in the immediate area will be enforced throughout the demolition process.

Officials say while the majority of the building will be razed, the city has opted to salvage the four large west-facing columns at the building’s main entrance and the cornerstone of the building, which is presumed to contain a time capsule, for historic purposes. After further review, the historic district home immediately east of the Masonic Temple will not be demolished and can be retained by the owner.

The 50,000 sq. ft. temple at the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and Benton Street caught fire Monday night. It has been abandoned for about 10 years. A cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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