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The city of Aurora says it will host 10 sessions as a part of a reform initiative that follows civil unrest and protests about police brutality in the city.

Aurora residents are invited to discuss police policies during a series of community wide meetings next month.

The City opened registration this week for hundreds of residents to review police use-of-force and training policies, discuss with officials and suggest changes.

The ten ‘review and recommendation’ sessions are part of the first phase of the City’s four-point CHANGE Reform Initiative aimed at strengthening police and community relations through multiple collaborative actions, including the first two points of reviewing use-of-force and training policies.

CHANGE is an acronym for "Community Helping Aurora’s Necessary Growth and Empowerment."

The other two points of the initiative call for the City to conduct an audit on body cameras for police officers and research the implementation of a civilian review board, both of which are currently in progress.

Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin, who reiterated that the meetings are the first phase of the reform, said in a statement, "change won’t happen overnight, but we are all committed to listening, sharing, learning throughout this process and into the future."

Held at Aurora City Hall, 44, E. Downer Place, each two-hour session can accommodate up to 30 residents along with police, city and elected officials. The City is also seeking additional moderators for the sessions.

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