Back to School

Students heading back to school in Yorkville School District #115 in 2018. (Photo provided by Yorkville CUSD #115)

This is the week where parents are smiling.

Summer has 42 days remaining, but as far as kids and teachers are concerned, it is over.

New clothes, haircuts, shoes, and backpacks. Finding the school locker and trying the combination. Store aisles crowded by parents and children searching for school supplies. Jayden of Plano reeled off his gear list.

Yorkville moms Terry and Ashley have mixed feelings about school starting.

But are the kids ready for school?

Sure, there will be that first day class writing assignment what did you do on summer vacation?

The big teacher question of the day, did they read over the summer?  

On Tuesday, Yorkville and Serena are the first schools to start. But Oswego, Plano, Somonauk, Hinckley-Big Rock, Indian Creek, Kaneland, Plainfield, East Aurora start Wednesday. Then comes Newark and Leland on Thursday. Sandwich begins Friday.  Earlville has its first day on August 19th. Oh, West Aurora has one more week off until August. 21st.

Those little ones will drive teachers crazy these first few days.

So here’s to the teachers this week:  may no students cry, run away, or get so nervous they vomit in the classroom.

Okay kids, ready for another reading of Green Eggs and Ham?

Hear Mark Harrington's story as heard on WSPY, here:

SPECIAL THANKS TO THESE KIDS IN THE STORY!:  Emily (6th), Abbie (8th), Mikey (8th), Grace (9th), Carter (7th), Maya (7th) - all of Oswego.  Liln (5th), Marie (3rd), Landon (3rd), Sam (9th), Elizabeth (9th)  of Yorkville.  Jayden (4th) of Plano.  Alicia (5th), Giovanni (2nd) of Leland. Tessa (5th) of Batavia.