(Pictured left) James Brown; (Pictured right) Jaquarance Handley. Kendall County booking photos.

Bond is set at $2 million for one man accused of shooting two people from an SUV sunroof in Boulder Hill Wednesday. The same amount is set for a second man accused of driving the SUV.  Both men are bein held in the Kendall County Jail.

26-year-old James E. Brown, of Aurora, is accused of firing several rounds into a home in the 0-99 block of Sierra Road in Boulder Hill killing one woman and injuring another. The woman who survived is in critical condition. Prosecutors alleged that the target of the shooting may have been a rival gang member living in the home. Prosecutors wanted bond set at $10-million.

A public defender on Saturday said that she did not believe Brown is a flight risk and that he is due for surgery on an injured finger and requested that his bond be set at $18-20,000 instead so that his family could post it.

31-year-old Jaquarance C. Handley, of Joliet, is accused of driving the SUV in the shooting. Prosecutors allege that he confessed to doing so, although he denied it at a bond hearing Saturday morning.

A public defender argued that Handley's family could not post bond and that he isn't likely to flee as he has lived his whole life in the Joliet area and has children in the DeKalb area.

Both men are charged with first degree murder, aggravated discharge of a firearm, and aggravated battery with a firearm.

Handley is due back in court on November 23 and Brown is due back on November 30.

A third man was detained in the investigation, but hasn't been charged.