A proposal in Yorkville for a "bring your own" beer and wine liquor license classification may be limited to an ordinance addendum to just the requesting business after negative feedback from other bar and restaurant owners in town.

That was reported at this week's Yorkville Public Safety Committee meeting. As WSPY reported earlier this month, city staff received a request from a new business, Flight Tasting Room and Bottle Shoppe, to allow patrons to bring their own bottles of beer. The bottles would be brought during a monthly "bottle share" event.

Staff had proposed adding a new license class that would have allowed restaurants that generate more than 50 percent of gross annual revenue from the sale of food to allow their patrons to bring in their own beer or wine.

Current license types such as taverns/bars, restaurants and bars and grills would also have been allowed to allow patrons to bring their own beer or wine, if they chose.

However, City Clerk Lisa Pickering says, based on feedback, staff's proposal has now changed.

Yorkville City Administrator Bart Olson writes that one concern raised was that the ordinance as drafted appeared to be mandatory and not permissive which will not be the case.

The second concern raised was that the ordinance would raise all bar and restaurant owners insurance rates in town. The argument is that customers go to a BYO restaurant, become severely intoxicated and then show up to a non-BYO restaurant, where the customer is then the partial-liability of the non-BYO restaurant.

The third concern raised is general competition. Olson writes that those establishments that prefer not to allow BYO will be at a competitive disadvantage to those that do allow BYO. The city has made no proposal to address that concern.

Alderman Joel Frieders said patrons go to the business regularly for normal purchases. He spoke about why the business is requesting the BYO classification. It would be for "bottle share" events. 

An addendum could now be drafted to narrowly tailor the BYO ordinance to address Flight Tasting Room’s request only for those events.

Flight currently has an A1 license and could apply for a BYO license which would be under a $50 fee. The measure will move forward to city council, following consensus from the committee.