Wes Levy of Lauterbach and Amen

Wes Levy of Lauterbach and Amen. (WSPYNews.com photo by James Wyman)

At the Nov. 25 Sandwich City Council meeting, aldermen learned that even with a 4.95 percent increase in the tax levy that the city will have to withdraw approximately $200,000 from its General Fund in order to meet the payment for the Police Pension Fund.

The city contributed $387,505 to the Police Pension Fund in 2018.  That figure will increase $267,000 to $654,691 for this coming year.

The total levy request is now at $1,548,591.

Alderman Les Redden said that he has been an alderman for six years and that the Police Pension Fund was underfunded when he came on the Sandwich City Council.

Alderman Fred Kreinbrink asked Wes Levy, the city's accountant from Lauterbach and Amen, what the city has to do next.

Following the meeting, alderman Kreinbrink spoke with WSPY's Jim Wyman about what the city can do in light of the $267,000 increase in the Police Pension Fund contribution.

Sandwich's tax levy must be filed by Dec. 31 with DeKalb County.

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