Collage:  Designed Stairs Building, Kevin Kelleher and Chris Kozak

Harbour Contractors Chris Kozak (lower right photo) briefed the Sandwich City Council on bid letting for the remodeling of the Designed Stairs building (top), which will house the Sandwich Police Department.  Alderman Kevin Kelleher (lower left) asked Kozak about how construction work is doing during the pandemic. ( photos by James Wyman)

Chris Kozak of Harbour Contractors updated the Sandwich City Council at Monday's Committee of the Whole meeting about moving forward with re-bidding the renovation of the new police station at 1251 E. 6th St.

The proposed new police station was formerly the Designed Stairs building.  The city bought the building for $500,000 in January of 2016.

72 bids were opened from contractors on July 11, 2018.

However, the council voted 4 to 3 on August 27, 2018 not to authorize the mayor to go ahead with the then $4.6 million project.

The new Public Safety building has been in limbo ever since..

Earlier this year during budget discussions, Sandwich Police Chief Jim Bianchi told the council he had reduced the estimated cost of the renovation down to $3.2 million.

The city council then approved architects' drawings for the project.

At Monday's meeting, Harbour's Kozak told the aldermen that when the architect's drawings are complete, the final bid documents will be ready.

Alderman Kevin Kelleher asked Kozak about how the construction business is doing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sandwich Mayor Rich Robinson wants to have the financing ready before the police station renovation goes to bid.

The Sandwich Police Station is currently located in the old Oatman Dairy building at 308 E. College St.  Before moving there in the late 1970's the police station was located in the Sandwich Opera House.

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