BrighterDaze Farm Banquet Hall

BrighterDaze Farm banquet hall. ( photo by James Wyman)

The Kendall County Board will vote on a Special Use Permit for the BighterDaze Farm rural banquet center at its August 27 meeting.

The banquet barn is located at 10978 Crimmin Rd. in Newark.

On July 12, the county board tabled the Special Use Permit and sent it back to the Planning, Building and Zoning Committee for further discussion.

Senior Planner Matt Asselmeier told board members at Thursday's Kendall Co. Board Committee of the Whole meeting that little was changed from the original petition except for having the barn doors closed at 7:00 p.m. when there is music.

Asselmeier was asked how the barn door closing could be enforced.

Yorkville attorney Boyd Ingemunson represents Adam and Jo Bright-Theis, the owners of BrighterDaze.

Ingemunson is confident that the county board will approve the Special Use Permit for the rural banquet hall.

Ingemunson said that the rural banquet hall will bring business to Kendall County.

Planning, Building and Zoning Committee Chair Matthew Prochaska was asked by WSPY's Jim Wyman if he fears a lawsuit if the county board doesn't approve the BrighterDaze Special Use Permit.

Board member Judy Gilmour was absent from Thursday's Committee of the Whole meeting, but at the July 12 meeting, Gilmour expressed her concern about the curves in Crimmin Rd. and people driving on the road after consuming alcohol.

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