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An additional seven cases of COVID-19 were announced in Kendall County on Tuesday as cases surpassed 1,000 in the county on Monday.

Kendall County Health Department officials say that "in recovery" cases also increased by 19.

Total cases in the county are now at 1,008 with 714 or about 71 percent of those cases "in-recovery," recovered or asymptomatic for at least 72 hours. That percentage is near the highest it has been since the county started reporting coronavirus data publicly.

Kendall County's COVID-19 death total remains at 23 with the latest death announced this past Friday.

Eight of the county's coronavirus deaths have had additional health complexities reported.

About 80 percent of Kendall County's total cases have had no additional complex conditions reported. 2.3 percent of the total amount are deceased, 26.2 percent of continuing cases are at home and less than 1 percent remain in the hospital.

In regard to other local coronavirus data, the LaSalle County Health Department reported five additional cases for a total of 215. There have been a total of 17 COVID-19 related deaths. 151 cases have recovered.

In DeKalb County, 16 new cases of COVID-19 was reported Tuesday.

The DeKalb County Health Department reports that there have now been a total of 574 COVID-19 cases in DeKalb County, and 370 have recovered.

COVID-19 deaths countywide have remained at 18 since June 19th.

Kane County cases are now over 7,750 with 269 deaths.

Statewide, on Tuesday, 724 new cases and 23 additional deaths were reported for a total of 143,185 cases and 6,923 deaths.