Aurora Sportsmen's Club property

(DeKalb County photo)

A DeKalb County Board committee is recommending that gun club members along with police be able to take part in nighttime training at the club, despite a hearing officer’s recommendation against it.

The county board’s Planning and Zoning Committee voted unanimously last night to recommend approval of changes to the special use permit for the Aurora Sportsmen’s Club in Waterman to allow an expansion of the gun club.

As part of the expansion, the facility wants to stay open until 11:00 p.m. up to twice a month in June, July and August to offer "lowlight training."

A hearing officer recommended that the nighttime training only be open to law enforcement after neighbors raised concerns about noise and light at a public hearing.

But the committee removed the hearing officer’s restriction after club President Erik Callis requested that club members be able to take part in the training along with law enforcement.

Callis says the club offered to meet with the neighbors who raised concerns and has met with some of them.

Callis says the club would subsidize the home improvements.

County staff says the club’s expansion plans also include new shooting ranges, upgrades to existing ranges, creation of a tactical training course, constructing new buildings and a parking expansion.

The permit change goes before the full county board for a vote in August.