GOP state leaders brush off idea to hand Trump election by replacing electors


In DeKalb County, election results are unchanged following a final count completed on Tuesday.

Incumbent Republican Rick Amato wins in the race for State's Attorney with 26,808 votes, or 57 percent, over Democrat Anna Wilhelmi's 19,812 votes.

Republican Lori Grubbs wins the Circuit Clerk's job with 28,134 votes to Democrat Rukisha Crawford's 18,641 votes.

In the race for county coroner, Republican incumbent Denny Miller wins over Democrat Cat Brian Prescott with 29,016 votes to 17,618 votes.

On the DeKalb County Board in District Eleven, which covers Hinckley, Waterman, and portions of Maple Park, Courtland, and Somonauk, Republican Roy Plote (PLOHT-ee) wins with 2,986 votes to Democrat Roberta McFarland's 1,715 votes.

The other District Eleven seat was won by Republican Karen Cribben. Cribben defeats Democrat Courtyney Schuett with 3,085 votes to 1,651 votes.

In Board District 12, covering most of Sandwich and Somonauk, Republican Jerry Osland won with 2,593 votes to Democrat Brian Kubisak's 1,590 votes.