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DeKalb County Health Department photo.

The DeKalb County Health Department is recommending that school districts suspend in-person learning until mid-January.
In a recommendation made to school districts in DeKalb County, the health department says it is recommending the pause begin with Thanksgiving break and continue until Jan. 19.
County health officials say the recommendation is being made because of an “increase in local Covid-19 cases, local hospital utilization, the assumption that families will gather with family members outside of their immediate household, and an overall increase of risk of transmission in the community.”
The final decision is up to each school district.
WSPY news has reached out to the Sandwich School District and the DeKalb County Health Department for comment.
The Sandwich School District hasn't had to close any schools down, but has said that families should be ready to move to remote learning if buildings had too many faculty are quarantined. The district has been using a hybrid learning model where students are in class a few days a week and remote the rest of the time.