Tim Hughes

DeKalb County Board Member Tim Hughes.

DeKalb County is making sure to get its share of possible revenue from marijuana, but one county board member isn’t going along with it because he opposes the legalization of marijuana.

The DeKalb County Board Wednesday night voted to add a 3.75% sales tax on recreational marijuana sold in unincorporated areas. The county is also adding a .75% sales tax on top of the up to 3% tax that municipalities will be able to put on selling marijuana when it becomes legal on Jan. 1.

County Board Chair Mark Pietrowski says the revenue will help cover expenses they expect to come up with the legalization of pot.

One county board member voted against the tax. Republican Tim Hughes of Kingston says he’s opposed to the legalization of marijuana.

The county is approving the tax on marijuana before its regulations on recreational pot to make sure the tax is in place come January. Pietrowski says the board will now work on the marijuana rules at the committee level. The county needs to decide where in unincorporated areas marijuana businesses can open, and Pietrowski says their talk will go further than that.

Pietrowski says the plan is for the board to vote on the county’s marijuana rules at their November meeting.