Pietrowski and Smith

(L to R) DeKalb County Board Chair Mark Pietrowski; DeKalb Mayor Jerry Smith

Our sister station WLBK reports that DeKalb County residents pushing for racial equality are growing anxious to see action on reforms.

The second DeKalb County forum on race relations – attended virtually by more than 100 people Thursday night - became dominated by calls for action on the demands of Black Lives Matter and reforms suggested at previous town halls.

Jessica Adeoti questioned why, that instead of action, the two county forums are going to lead to the creation of another task force.

While two of the groups mentioned by Adeoti are under the city of DeKalb, DeKalb County Board Chair Mark Pietrowski says the task force will focus on action that can be taken by the county.

He says action will come by the end of the year. Calls then came for DeKalb Mayor Jerry Smith to comment on when the city will take action, with Tom Stamatakos asking the elected leaders what they want their legacy to be.

Smith reiterated comments he made on WLBK last Friday that the city will have to move quicker than ever before to take action on reform. Participants on the Zoom call could then be seen clapping as Maurice McDavid spoke, setting a deadline for action.

As the forum came to an end, County Board Chair Pietrowski said he doesn’t want to do anymore “feel-good-type conference calls” and said, “Now, is the time for action.”