Aaron Leftridge

Aaron Leftridge booking photo (DeKalb County Jail photo)

Our sister station WLBK reports that a DeKalb man is accused of taking part in a scam where police say people sent money thinking they were helping a wealthy person trying to save on taxes.

According to court records, the investigation that led to charges against 21-year-old Aaron Leftridge started when police were contacted in July by a Minnesota woman.

DeKalb Police say the woman told them that she had been scammed into sending $5,000 to an apartment on Aspen Court.

Police say the woman was told by someone online that he worked for a wealthy person and would deposit money into her account so his boss could save on taxes. Fraudulent checks were allegedly deposited into her bank account.

Police say Leftridge was detained when they did a controlled delivery to the Apsen Court apartment.

Leftridge allegedly worked with at least one other, unknown person. Police say someone else got banking information from people by talking with them on social media and then sent the information to Leftridge.

According to court documents, Leftridge’s job was to deposit fraudulent checks and have cash mailed to him, which was then split.

Police say Leftridge was given personal information on around 30 people and investigators allegedly found envelopes in a dumpster from multiple people who reported sending Leftridge money.

Leftridge is charged with theft by deception, identity theft, forgery, financial institution fraud and continuing financial crime enterprise.

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