Timothy Nielsen

Timothy Nielsen booking photo (DeKalb County Jail photo)

Our sister station WLBK reports that a DeKalb man is charged for moving a security camera in a DeKalb apartment building hours before a fire, but it’s not known if he’s connected with the suspected arson.

Interim Police Chief John Petragallo says 23-year-old Timothy Nielsen is seen on security video footage taken at the apartment building at 808 Ridge Drive. Nielsen lives in the building.

Petragallo says Nielsen is seen walking past one of the security cameras in the building and pointing it towards the ground a couple hours before a fire there Tuesday night.

DeKalb officials suspect the fire started when someone lit mattresses in a hallway on fire. Petragallo says it’s not known if Nielsen is connected to the fire.

Nielsen is charged with Tampering with a Security system, Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance and Unlawful Possession of Marijuana. Petragallo says drugs were found in Nielsen’s apartment.

Nielsen was arrested on Wednesday and given $5,000 recognizance bond on Thursday.

Investigations continue into the fire at 808 Ridge Drive and a fire Thursday morning at 930 Greenbrier Road. The fire on Thursday is also a suspected case of arson.

Petragallo says they have received multiple tips on the Ridge Drive fire and investigators have developed their own leads on both fires.

Anyone with information on either fire is asked to call DeKalb Police at 815-748-8400 or Crime Stoppers at 815-895-3272.

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