Jesse Christian

Jesse Christian of Des Plaines. (DeKalb County Jail booking photo)

A Des Plaines man is charged with making harassing phone calls to the Northern Illinois University provost’s office and a university housing employee.

NIU Police say 24-year-old Jesse Christian left a voicemail for an NIU housing employee at around 5:30 in the morning of July 7.

Police say family members were threatened in a telephone call. Police say Christian said, “they’re going to be executed” and he hoped “they burn your children alive.”

Police say Christian left an around two-minute voicemail when he called the NIU Office of the Provost shortly after six that same morning.

Police say in the recording, Christian said he would “execute all of you for being terrorists,” and that their families would be “executed for insulting me.”

NIU Police say Christian also made a harassing phone call to another person on May 13.

Christian is charged with harassment by telephone.

Christian was booked into the DeKalb County Jail. He was given personal recognizance bond on July 10.

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