Oswego Village Hall NEW

Controversy can be divisive for any governmental body, local to national. 

When newcomers and incumbent representatives mesh together for a public meeting after a contentious election, there can be some moments of tenseness when a tough decision is facing them.  

Three new trustees and a new village president sit at the table with three experienced reps and an experienced village staff of many departments; that’s the makeup of the Oswego Village Board.

In four short months, the Oswego Village Board has faced two tough agenda items, allowing or not recreational marijuana stores and the decision to lower water rates for a small savings to residents but with possible future implications in capital projects.

However, near the end of the September third meeting, long time local elected leader Pam Parr, who is noted for expressing pointed views while sometimes adding a touch of humor, made these sincere comments to all in the room.

Since taking office, Oswego Village President Troy Parlier, has often praised or thanked veteran trustee Louis Perez for his insight. Usually Perez offers both sides on an issue, applies a business practice approach, asks questions, and brings a past meetings retrospect.  This is Parlier.

Over the summer, the Oswego Village Board committee of the whole meeting has had single focus agendas, with learning curve presentations on village finances, key downtown construction redevelopments, tax increment financing district, the property tax assessment process, and the Washington Street pedestrian crossing study.