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Exelon could be closing nuclear power plants in Illinois in the near future. State Senator Sue Rezin, R-Morris, and State Representative David Allen Welter, R-Morris, have sent a letter to Exelon Corporation requesting a meeting to discuss the company’s statement in a filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission that they may close their generating stations at Dresden and Braidwood.

In the letter, Rezin and Welter emphasize the importance of protecting local jobs and the region’s energy infrastructure. Rezin told WCSJ how she found about the news of the potential closures.

Rezin said passing legislation could help the nuclear plants to stay around.

Meanwhile, Welter said just over two years ago, the state approved a multi-billion dollar package for Exelon to keep their nuclear power plants in the Quad Cities and Clinton open.

He also stated the potential closure of Dresden and Braidwood jeopardizes thousands of jobs critical to families.  Our local nuclear plants are an integral component of Illinois’ energy infrastructure.

For questions or more information, please contact Senator Rezin’s office at (217) 782-3840 or Representative Welter’s office at (217) 782-5997.