Collage:  Megginson, Cesich and Limestone Pier

Hampton, Renwick and Lenzini Vice-President Steve Megginson (top left) answered questions at Tuesday's Kendall County Forest Preserve Commission meeting.  Commissioner Amy Cesich (top right) wanted to know if the abrupt demolition of the bridge on Aug. 25, compromised the limestone piers (left photo). Megginson said it did not.  (Megginson and Cesish photos for by James Wyman; right photo provided)

At Tuesday's Kendall County Forest Preserve Commission meeting, commissioners quizzed Hamption, Lenzini and Renwick (HLR) Vice-President Steve Megginson about the aftermath of the Aug. 25 demolition of the historic Millbrook Bridge.

The bridge was abruptly demolished on Aug. 25, following the removal of the wooden planks, which the contractor, D Construction of Coal City, said made the bridge unstable.

Now the question is how safe are the remaining limestone piers that remain in the Fox River.

Commissioner Amy Cesich asked HLR's Megginson about the piers:

Megginson was also questioned about the amount of time that an engineer from his company was on the scene of the demolition.

At the September 1 Kendall County Forest Preserve meeting, Megginson said that an HLR engineer was on the site until 2:30 the afternoon of the demolition.

However, Megginson changed his tune on Tuesday following Yorkville activist Todd Milliron pointing out the discrepancy during the Public Comments section of the meeting.

Megginson then corrected his error.

The Kendall County Forest Preserve Commission now has to pay for the Millbrook Bridge demolition.  The question is how much?

D Construction's original bid was just under $477,000 for the 25-day project.  At the Sept. 9 Committee of the Whole meeting, forest preserve Director David Guritz said D was now offering to lower the bill to $285,000.

The forest preserve commissioners said this was still too much.  Guritz said on Tuesday that negotiations with D Construction continue.

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