Illinois House of Reps

(File photo)

On Wednesday, Governor JB Pritzker signed the Reproductive Health Act into law, which expands abortion rights for women in Illinois.

The Reproductive Health Act treats abortions just like any other medical procedure and lifts some restrictions on abortions.

Pritzker spoke about his support of the law which was backed by several Democrats in the state legislature.

Supporters say it’s needed to protect a woman’s right to choose. Locally, Republican Senator Sue Rezin, whose district covers portions of the WSPY listening area, strongly opposes the new law calling it, "a sad day in Illinois."

During hearings on the legislation, Rezin argued the measure  allows certain non-physicians like an Advanced Practice Certified Nurse to perform chemical abortions.

Sponsors of the bill disputed some of the arguments from lawmakers regarding late term abortions on Wednesday.

Rezin also said the new law raises questions about whether doctors, nurses and hospitals would be required to perform abortions without any consideration for their personal beliefs or constitutional rights and argues it eliminates licensing and health and safety inspections for abortion clinics.

The legislation requires all insurance plans to include abortion coverage, with no exceptions for churches or religious organizations.