Cruz Family

(Fundraiser photo)

A LaSalle County family was recently involved in a serious crash in Mexico that claimed the life of a Norway woman.

According to fundraising information and information shared from the family, Elena, Sergio, Daisy and Aaron Cruz were visiting family in Mexico for the holidays when they were involved in an accident that family members say was the result of a drunk driver.

Information on any arrests or charges has not been announced from Mexican authorities.

Elena Cruz was reported as the deceased, while the daughter, Daisy Cruz, sustained severe injuries requiring surgery to repair her broken hip.

The father, Sergio Cruz and son, Aaron Cruz, sustained minor bruises and scratches.

The family remains in Mexico during the Daisy's recovery.

Since news of the crash made its way to the states, several in the community have posted about the family. The Norway Store in Norway shared a post about the family and Elena, who worked at the store, saying that the family moved to the U.S. for opportunity, making their home in Norway, Illinois.

The post said, "Daisy was in 6th grade when they moved here and did not speak English. When she graduated from Serena High School, she was the salutatorian for her class" and is presently working on her Master's Degree in college.

The post also said Aaron has continually been on the honor roll in school and is now a senior at Serena High School.

Additionally, the message indicated that Elena was and still is a very well loved person in the community.

A fundraiser has been taking place for the family's medical expenses and to date has raised over $6,800 of an $8,000 goal.