The Securities Exchange Commission filed a complaint in Chicago Federal District Court on December 27, 2019 alleging the Minooka-based company "Today's Growth Consultant Inc." and it's president/ceo Kenneth D. Courtright III have been running a multiyear ponzi-like scheme.

The SEC alleges in the complaint that Today's Growth Consultant Inc. has raised over $75 million from more than 500 investors. The SEC alleges that most of the money invested was used to pay promised returns to previous investors who had invested in Internet retail websites bought and run by Today's Growth Consultant Inc.

The federal complaint also alleges that Kenneth D. Courtright III of Minooka was the CEO of Today's Growth Consultant Inc. and transferred over $1 million over several years to his personal bank account and then paid personal expenses with the money.

The Secretary of State Corporate licensure website lists Kenneth D. Courtright and Kerri Courtright of Slalom Court in Minooka, Illinois as the President and Secretary of Today's Growth Consultant Inc.

If you are a victim of the alleged Ponzi scheme and are seeking relief you can contact the receivers at