Oswego Village Hall NEW

The Oswego Village Board meets Tuesday night at 6:00 p.m.

Oswego trustees will get a lesson in village finances, and the many funds contained within when they meet.

Oswego Finance Director Mark Horton will talk about the 10 budgeted funds and the five non-budgeted funds the village maintains.  The largest is the General Fund, accounting for the most expenditures.  

Horton will present the fund structure and basis of accounting and budgeting. Fund balances, and cash reserves policies, the budget process, and the financial calendar also are topics.

The presentation is designed for the three new trustees and the new village president on the board plus a review for incumbents.

In other 7:00 p.m. board agenda items, a new proclamation comes from Village President Troy Parlier. The announcement is called “It’s Our Fox River.”

During the 6 p.m. committee of the whole meeting, a revised purchasing program, now called procurement, may have a major change, allowing a $25,000 starting point instead of $20,000 when competitive bids are sought.

A lead water service line replacement program also will be discussed.