Demolition of Millbrook Bridge

The historic Millbrook Bridge over the Fox River was demolished on Aug. 25.  An engineer from Hamption, Lenzini and Renwick (HLR) was not on the scene when the bridge actually came down. Now the Kendall County Forest Preserve Commission is balking at paying a bill for $10,447.50 to HLR. (Christian Landorf photo)

Some Kendall County Forest Preserve Commissioners do not want to pay the $10,447.50 bill from Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick (HLR) the engineering firm that was supposed to supervise the demolition of the historic Millbrook Bridge over the Fox River.

The bridge was abruptly demolished on Aug. 25 by D Construction of Coal City.

The project was supposed to take 25 days; however D Construction contends the Millbrook Bridge became unstable when the planking was removed, and that caused the immediate demolition.

There have been discrepancies in the amount of time a technician from HLR was actually present at the demolition on Aug. 25.

HLR's Vice-President Steve Megginson said at the Sept. 1 Kendall County Forest Preserve Commission meeting that there was a technician on the site from noon to 2:00 p.m.

However, at the Sept. 16 Committee of the Whole meeting, Megginson said his technician was there from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.  The bridge came down after the HLR technician left the scene.

In the $10,447.50  invoice sent to the forest preserve on Oct. 12, technician Lenard Lynn is listed as being at the Millbrook Bridge site for four hours, at $130.00 per hour for a cost of $520.

This upset commissioner Amy Cesich at Tuesday's Kendall County Forest Preserve Commission's Committee of the Whole meeting..

Kendall County Forest Preserve Commission President Judy Gilmour tried to clarify HLR's presence at the Millbrook Bridge demolition scene.

Forest preserve commissioner Audra Hendrix argued that HLR was negligent.

Hendrix's motion passed unanimously by a seven to nothing vote.  Commissioners Scott Gengler, Tony Giles and Matt Kellogg were absent.

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