Plano Police Department

( photo by Mark Harrington)

There could be a name change for a public building in Plano.

Former Plano alderman Bob Jones presented a proposal to the Plano City Council Monday night to rename the Plano Police Building on East Main Street. 

Jones wants the honor bestowed for former alderman John A. Anderson who passed away last week.

Jones, who served as aldermen with Anderson, said he had previously recommended the name change. Anderson was also a member of the Plano Police and Fire Commission.

Anderson, who was age 76, served two terms by election and appointment, serving from 1992-1997 and again from 1999-2003.

Plano Mayor Bob Hausler, who is Anderson’s cousin, said he will have to research the process for naming public buildings as a first step.

Hausler said Anderson was like a brother to him.