Tori Artman

Tori Artman booking photo (LaSalle County Jail photo)

One of the former deputy auditors charged in the LaSalle County auditor theft cases is expected to have her trial conclude Wednesday.

According to LaSalle County Court records, Tori Artman of Mendota is expected to receive the ruling after testifying on Tuesday in her trial.

As WSPY previously reported, LaSalle County Auditor Jody Wilkinson of rural Sandwich was found not guilty of eight counts of felony Official Misconduct, one count of Misapplication of Public Funds, and two counts of felony Theft in June.

The ruling for Artman's boss found the prosecution did not meet their burden of proof. Artman and former deputy auditor Pamela Wright were both charged in Sept. 2018 with Conspiracy to Commit Theft Upon a Governmental Entity, Theft of Government Property Between $500 and $10,000 and Official Misconduct, accused of allegedly accepting overtime pay that was not earned.

Both were later fired by LaSalle County.

On Tuesday, Artman argued on the stand that she was not aware that any unearned overtime had been tallied and that it was added and approved by Auditor Wilkinson. She also said she went to a union representative and that she offered to pay back money.

The prosecution argued that Artman, who holds an accounting degree, would have noticed pay increases.

The case is back in court this morning.