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Our sister station WCSJ reports that referendum questions in Grundy County have been pushed off.

For the past several months, Grundy County Board members at various committees have discussed placing three non-binding referendum questions on the November 2020 Election ballot.

The three questions would include:

"Shall Grundy County authorities assist the federal government when they are engaged in immigration-related enforcement activities?"

"Shall Grundy County oppose the passage of any bill where the Illinois General Assembly desires to restrict the individual right of United States citizens as protected by the second amendment?"

"Shall the unincorporated area of Grundy County allow the sale of adult use recreational cannabis?"

The Grundy County Board, on Tuesday night, was set to vote on the three questions, but that did not happen. County Board member Jake Olson requested to wait until June.

Meanwhile, board members Drew Muffler and Ellen Hanson had this to say.

Ten board members approved postponing the questions until the June Grundy county Board meeting, while Jim Ryan, Harold Vota, Ellen Hanson, Drew Muffler, Greg Ridenour voted no.