Millington Bridge, Causeway and North Pier 09 18 2019

Work on replacing the north pier (bottom right photo) of the Millington Bridge (top) over the Fox River has been halted due to heavy rains last week in McHenry and northern Kane counties.  Kendall Co. Highway Engineer Fran Klaas said on Wednesday that the causeway (bottom left) is completely flooded, preventing workers from moving into the Fox. ( photos by James Wyman)

Heavy rains last week and over the weekend in the upper Fox River Valley have raised the level of the Fox River at Millington and halted work on replacing the piers underneath the Millington Bridge.

That bridge has been closed for over two years.

Kendall County Highway Engineer Fran Klaas said that good progress was made on the Millington Bridge before the rains came last week.

The north pier underneath the Millington Bridge is where the scouring occurred, and that scouring resulted in the bridge closure in May of 2017.

Construction workers have been entering the Fox via a causeway on the Millington side.

Klaas said that up until last week work on the piers had been steady.

Klaas said that the temporary supports on the south pier are also close to being completed.

He told WSPY's Jim Wyman that concrete piers will be installed once the 1896 piers are removed from underneath the bridge.

On August 6, County Engineer Klaas said that Thanksgiving was a possible date for the completion of the Millington Bridge project.

Now that date looks to be in jeopardy.