34 construction

Route 34 approaching Game Farm Rd. in Yorkville during construction. (Google image)

Officials with the Illinois Department of Transportation say that the construction projects on Route 34 between Oswego, Yorkville and Plano, are now substantially completed.

A little over two weeks ago, IDOT largely completed the widening and rebuild of Route 34 between Eldamain Rd. and Center Parkway between Yorkville and Plano. The construction widened Route 34 from two lanes to four lanes with center medians and turn lanes along portions of the roadway.

IDOT Construction Field Engineer Nate Sell says there is still some work that needs to be done to complete the overall project.

Sell says that some work on a bike path near Eldamain Rd. still needs to be done, as well as some storm sewer construction. 

Meanwhile, Sell says Route 34 construction between Route 47 and Orchard Rd., toward Oswego, is also significantly finished.

Sell also says the remaining work is scheduled to be finished in the Spring. Earlier projections indicated some of the work could have lasted into 2021.

Sell adds that much of the work was able to move at a good pace.

Roughly $33 million was issued in a contract for the project between Yorkville and Oswego and over $19 million was issued for the project between Yorkville and Plano.

Much of the work has been ongoing since 2017.