Les Redden

Sandwich alderman Les Redden fears losing federal funding if the city allows cannabis sales. (WSPYNews.com photo by James Wyman)

At last Monday's Committee of the Whole meeting, Sandwich alderman Les Redden questioned whether the city could possibly lose federal funds if cannabis is allowed to be sold.

Cannabis becomes legal in Illinois on Jan. 1, and the Sandwich City Council has been discussing whether the city will allow cannabis sales.

Here's Les Redden:

Sandwich currently mandates drug testing for police officers and for city employees who have commercial driver's licenses or CDLs.

The discussion then moved to employers banning employees from smoking cannabis but being able to drink alcohol.

Redden had this exchange with alderman Shane Surratt.  Here's Redden:

Sandwich resident Carol Meyer related a story of a woman who lost her job because of the use of CBD oil.

Sandwich Mayor Rich Robinson said that he wants the council to discuss the cannabis issue one more time in November.

The next Committee of the Whole meeting is on November 18.

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