Photo from JB Pritzker's Facebook

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker has announced several criminal justice reforms he'd like to see passed in 2020, which includes the idea to end the cash bail system in Illinois.

Gov. Pritzker, in a recent press avail, said he wants to end the system, arguing that many people are sitting in jail because they can't afford to pay their bond.

In regard to the alternative solution to cash bail, Gov. Pritzker said that would have to be researched.

Gov. Pritzker also says he will push for reforms on mandatory minimum sentencing laws.

To date, the ideas have had mixed reviews. While supported by some lawmakers and state's attorney's, others, like some law enforcement and other prosecutors argue ramifications from taking away the revenue would negatively impact victims of crimes like domestic violence by removing funding streams for victims services.

Opponents also argue that personal recognizance bonds are already available for the discretion to release a charged individual.

Proponents argue the moves would get people out of jail, costing the state for incarceration on low-level crimes.

The Governor says the ultimate goal is to reduce the prison population in Illinois, which now stands at about 40,000 inmates.