The Kane County Board unanimously passed a resolution at their meeting on Tuesday in response to concerns over $100 million being allocated from the State of Illinois to Kendall County for a potential extension of Metra commuter rail service.

Tuesday's resolution follows a somewhat similar resolution passed in Sugar Grove last week that called for Metra to "cease any and all efforts, including any feasibility and engineering studies, for commuter rail service in Kendall County" and called on funding from the state and federal government to go to Sugar Grove.

Kane County Board Chair Chris Lauzen told WSPY on Wednesday morning that the county's resolution is slightly different than Sugar Grove's.

He says Kane County wanted to make sure to include, "an expression of respect and affection for our neighbors to the south."

Sugar Grove President Sean Michels also told WSPY in an interview last week that Sugar Grove has been in, "friendly competition" with Kendall County.

According to the Kane County resolution, county officials ask that Metra join the county and village in support of reallocating funds, to either, "maintenance of the current network’s 'state of good repair' or to the extension towards the Village of Sugar Grove."

Governor JB Pritzker's capital bill earmarked $100 million in state funding for Kendall County.

Officials have estimated another $200 million in federal funding and $100 million in local funding would be needed -- the issue regarding Kendall County taxpayers not currently paying in as a part of the Regional Transportation Authority.

The resolution states that a recent Metra-endorsed study of extension into Kendall County coupled with the capital bill funds to a non-RTA county is, "unwarranted and inappropriate."

The resolution states, "frequent and in depth studies by Metra and RTA have shown that current Metra funding cannot pay for billions needed to support proper maintenance and repair of just the current network" and that Metra has had to even contemplate reductions.

Kane County says they have respected and have been sensitive to what they were told about budget constraints and have not, "unduly pushed" for an expansion into southern Kane County.

The resolution states,"if Metra is no longer constrained by budget concerns shared with all RTA member counties, there is a shorter distance, less expensive route to expand west to Sugar Grove."

The proposed extension to Sugar Grove would be near Prairie St. and Gordon Rd. Kendall County has mentioned possible stops in Oswego, Sandwich, Plano, Yorkville or Montgomery.