Jeff Keicher 70th State Rep.

(Photo provided)

Our sister station WLBK reports that Republican DeKalb County State Representative Jeff Keicher is seeking re-election. The Republican announced Tuesday that he’s running for a second term. Keicher first took office via appointment for retired State Rep. Bob Pritchard of Hinckley.

For first-term accomplishments, Keicher points to a bipartisan bill he says expanded mammogram availability, a package of economic reforms, restoring funding to NIU and increasing local school funding.

He says he also helped stop a proposal by Governor Pritzker to underfund pensions this year.

Keicher says he’s "running again because there’s more to fix." The 70th District race is shaping up to be a rematch of last year’s election.

In addition to Keicher, Democrat Paul Stoddard has already announced he’s running again.

Keicher defeated Stoddard by around 1,500 votes to win his first full term as state representative.

No other candidates besides those two have announced a run for the 70th District seat. The primaries are in March.