At Tuesday's regular meeting, by a vote of 7 to 1, the Kendall County Board approved $341,833 in grants for the 2019 Senior Citizen Social Services Levy.

Board member Matthew Prochaska was the only "no" vote.

Senior Services Associates of Yorkville received the largest grant at just over $124,500.  Fox Valley Older Adults of Sandwich was next with a grant of just under $60,000 and the Kendall Co. Health Dept was third with a grant of just over $57,000.

Prochaska said he voted against the Senior Levy because the Kendall Co. Health Dept. got $1,176 more than it asked for.

The county board granted Oswegoland Seniors just under $54,500, and the Community Nutrition Network just over $26,500.  VNA Health Care received just over $10,000, and Prairie St. Legal Services got just over $9,000.

County board members John Purcell and Amy Cesich attended the last Kendall County Health Dept. Finance Committee meeting in the hopes of working out a compromise with the Health Dept. regarding the end-of-the-year payment that the county has required from the Health Dept. over the past four years.

The county took $400,000 from the Health Dept. last November to help balance the budget, the county arguing that it pays almost $750,000 in benefits to Health Dept. employees.

Cesich explained how the negotiations with the Health Dept. are going.

Cesich told WSPY's Jim Wyman that she is cautiously optimistic about negotiations with the Health Dept.

This is the first time the county has approached the Health Dept. this early about negotiating.

Previous negotiations have taken place in November, which presses against the Dec. 1 deadline.

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