The Kendall Co. Board voted on Nov. 19 to lower the speed limit on Rogers Rd. from 55 to 45 mph.

The new 45 mph speed limit will stretch from Finnie Rd. to Whitfield Rd. in the western part of the county.

West of Finnie Rd. the speed limit will remain at 55 mph.

Kendall Co. Highway Engineer Fran Klaas explained the Rogers Rd. speed limit change to the county board.

Kendall Co. Board member Judy Gilmour commented on how unsafe that stretch of Rogers Rd. has been.

County Engineer Klaas replied.

Klaas said the speed limit change brings the stretch of Rogers Rd. into compliance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

In other business at the Nov. 19 Kendall Co. Board meeting, board members approved an ordinance amending the county's Revolving Loan Fund Recapture Strategy.

County Administrator Scott Koeppel explained the changes.

Kendall County has $1.8 million ready to loan to municipalities or businesses.

Board member Judy Gilmour was the only "no" vote.

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