Trailer at Hide-a-Way Lakes Campground

A trailer at Hide-a-Way Lakes Campground at 8045 Van Emmon Rd. in Yorkville. (WSPY photo by Jim Wyman)

At its meeting Thursday afternoon at 4:00 p.m., the Kendall County Board's Committee of the Whole will discuss a request from the Planning, Building and Zoning Committee for amendments to the Kendall County Recreational Vehicle and Campground Regulations.

The PBZ Committee's scrutiny comes amid charges that permanent residents are living at Hide-a-Way Lakes Campground, located at 8045 Van Emmon Rd. east of Yorkville.

At the Jan. 13 meeting, the Planning, Building and Zoning Committee discussed the issue of residency at a county campground.

The current Kendall County Recreational Vehicle Park and Campground Regulations dictate that no recreational vehicle or trailer can be used as a permanent place of residency, and that continuous occupancy beyond three months is considered to be permanent.

The PBZ Committee wants to toughen the regulations to read: "No permanent resident is allowed to live at a campground or recreational vehicle park."

The county board will also discuss the county's Procurement Policy at Thursday's meeting.